Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fantasy theme, ch. 5


Please tell me you did not relate my vision regarding that wizard to your friends? That was told in strictest confidence, and it is very dangerous to interpret visions that you have not seen yourself! These... these people are not to be trusted, whether they are looking to destroy all the world or not!

I grow weary, Arek. I cannot stand to see you anymore. I remember when you were young: certainly you were a rough-and-tumble little boy, but you didn't seem to be heading down a road to insanity! I see now what you are, you conniving bastard.

You've used my visions haven't you? For the past ten years, I thought you were just the young man down the street! Then I see you standing shoulder to shoulder with that thing at the battle of the Red Crossroads, that horrible wizard's last stand? I am NOT a doddering old fool, Karath. I saw you in the Crystal Ball of the Lake, and it does not lie.

My visions grow louder as my hearing grows dimmer. The clues become more obvious as my senses fail. I have moved far away now, and I hope to never see you again. My second vision will never be related to you, you fiend, and the Crystal shall never be yours either.


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