Monday, February 2, 2009

Fantasy theme, ch. 2

A letter in confidence to The Whispered Council from Arek Karath:

You all know that it has been a year since Vecna's defeat. We have thought our old master, now dead, left nothing behind. I now have reason to believe that the Wand of Power, perhaps even Vecna's hand, still lingers in the world along with some of Vecna's most powerful amulets and relics.

Visions of Vecna the Maimed Wizard-God have usually proven to be false, and the ones that were seen have been difficult to interpret at best... perhaps because they have been so frightening.

The visions I relate to you may possibly be dreams: I hope that is not the case. If my visions are correct, it means that not only has Vecna has broken through the boundary of Hell, but that the Wand of Power is awake. It beckons to us, gentlemen. It beckons to us.

I see waves, slowly crashing against a shore. Torrents, walls of froth slowly blasting a forgotten beach. I hear a voice, in concert with the waves: it whispers to me. I have only heard Vecna's true voice once since he lost his hand, but I will remember it forever. This voice was his, unmistakably.

I could not really understand what he was trying to communicate in this first dream. The whisper was tantalizingly close... I saw flashes of The Wand and Vecna himself trapped in ice for some reason, a look of terror frozen on his face. The ocean though: it was calling to me. The secrets of the location of the wand are mine, however. You have known me long enough, and although I publicly forsaked the Council, I ask you to take heed.

Send some of your more experienced wizards and enough gold for the trek, in which case I will describe my second vision to you. If you don't believe me, I have resources enough, and the spoils will not be shared.

Arek Karath
Former Lieutenant of The Whispered Hand

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