Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fantasy theme, ch. 4

To His Royal Highness, Arold: King of the North,

Your majesty, you and I have a special bond that goes back for years. I am glad to have been your friend these past seven or so years, but now I am in an official position to keep you abreast of certain machinations made against the kingdom.

As Chief of Spies for our capital city, I am obligated to update you on a regular basis. You have been newly crowned, and although this is a time for celebrating, it is also a time for worry. This will be our first official communication, and as such I feel I should update you regarding the recent movements of the Whispered Council.

Be forewarned: The council is not a myth, they were not all killed when their leader died (or vanished), and they are not powerless. It is true that they are not as influential as they have been in the past, but they post a threat to the heart of the kingdom. Imagine a cult of insane wizards operating somewhere in the capital? Maybe even near the Castle District?

We have reason to believe that your economic advisor, Keldaf Res, was a member of the Council, and still uses them in taciturn economic maneuvering. The Council uses brute force and manipulation to keep city guards and others from doing their business, and probably has most of our guards on their payroll. These monsters operate clandestinely, without oversight, and still praise the name, "Vecna." They beat down store owners for protection money, and they are a huge contributing factor to our current economic crisis. The citizens are getting restless, sire, and they look to the Castle for a way out. Defeating the Council, and giving adequate funding for this mission, may be that way.

Do not forget how close Vecna came to conquering the kingdom three years ago. Remember how suddenly his name became known? It was due to the dark influence of these cults. The Whispered Council may do some good for the country now, but they will expect benefits. You saw the face of Vecna: you know what they are capable of. Please rid your halls of this cult, your majesty, and say goodbye to Keldaf.

Tess Seliw
Chief of Spies for Wasden

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