Monday, February 2, 2009

Fantasy theme, ch. 3

Dear Arek,

Your dream is intriguing. Of course, since Vecna was "destroyed," nearly everyone has seen him in dreams or visions of some kind: His pain and anger has touched us all. Whether yours is a vision is debatable.

The council has changed since the last time you have dropped us a word. About a month ago, Narez the Homeless spawned a mostly peaceful revolution within the Council and formed his own cult to revive Vecna and accomplish his dream of destroying the world. He said we were too interested in material things, and took about a tenth of our members with him... Unfortunately, they were some of our most experienced, including Herg and Ilussa. We let them go without much of a fight, for the Council is still draining the economy of the North and is living quite comfortably and it is doubtful we would have been able to stop them in any case.

We, the level headed remainder, are very interested in Vecna's relics. Not only for simple blackmailing power do we seek them though, especially since our spies have indicated that Narez's cult has infiltrated the capital city of the South. We're certain that Narez has had visions the same as, or perhaps even clearer than, yours. The relics must be in the South, Arek, based on what Narez has been doing, but thank you anyway for the invitation.

You are welcome to join us if you wish. After conquering Narez, we plan to use the amulets and the Wand to send a clear message to the Four Kingdoms and their various treasuries. We trust you with all of this very sensitive information and hope that, upon receiving it, you will join us.

Isn't it odd? In a way, we're trying to save the world after all that we've done to crush it.

In short, do not expect any resources from us. Do not stand in our way, either, Arek: You were right in saying that we know you well. We will not allow the world to be destroyed for nothing, and if you join that lunatic we will sacrifice everything we have to stop you.

Ceulon the Tainted

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