Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Preface to Snow, chapters 13 - 15

Before I post my next three chapters, I just want to say that they're gonna be violent. And I don't mean like:

"Yeah, violence is kewl!"

...kind of violence, I mean more like:

"..." "O____O" "...wtf?!"

...kind of violence. I didn't plan for my characters to do this kind of stuff. I just wanted a nice character-driven analysis of two interesting people. Suddenly, Fog does THIS and it throws my entire idea out of whack.

I'm writing realistically (as much as possible), and so the story is kind of just carrying me along. Apparently, Fog is a very angry person. There's a description of a mutilated dead body, and how Fog killed it; it's just that I don't want you to go:

"Cajek is a psycho, and not the fun kind like he was at Uncyc"

I'm still "funny" (or whatever it is I tricked you into believing I am), it's just that this story... uh, isn't? It's just a very slow analysis of these two characters, and if they do something crazy, I don't want you to think the person who wrote it is too. Okay, it'll be up in a day or so.

UPDATE: Okay, I don't feel so bad after reading Chapter 2 of Led's story, but still... mine is worse.


kathleen said...

hey there! kewl :)
how is everything in P-town?

Cajek said...

Summer school. How's Japan? D'ya like mah storiez?