Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fantasy theme, ch. 1

Vecna woke up next to a little lake on a nice spring morning. He could only open one eye right now, and saw that it was a beautiful day. He could barely feel the grass beneath him through his tattered rags. He was cold, and he felt like something important was missing.

Carefully, Vecna lifted his 10 year old hand up to the left side of his face. There was something very important missing. He couldn't remember anything before ten seconds ago, when he woke up, but he knew that he should have two eyes.

He could tell something pounded it out of him. All he could remember was his name, and that he felt like he had been thrown against a wall. Maybe he had. He could lift one hand, could he lift the other one?

Yes. It wasn't broken, just bruised. He felt the other side of his face, frightened for a second that he might have lost both eyes. Why would that be the case, he said as his hand wiped tears from his eyes.

Crying? He must have been crying for some reason. Funny, he wasn't sad right now. He was paralyzed in shock. The terror began to creep up over him slowly. His small body staggered to its feet. Vecna started to feel woozy, and fell back down again.

He looked over the pond at his reflection. Permanent scars stared back at him. Vecna's single eye studied the disfigured ten year old staring back at him. Absolute sadness and horror struck him, and sent waves of panic down his body.

Vecna woke up again. "I woke up again? Oh god, what happened now?" he thought. He felt his face, and nothing had changed. His surroundings had, though. Apparently, he had slept through a forest fire. "Sleep, why was I asleep? Where's mommy?" He thought to himself. "Mommy," he repeated out loud. "Mommy," he started screaming. Over and over, he screamed the word. He knew the word related to a face, but he couldn't see it.

He looked at his surroundings through a tear streamed face. All that was around him was destroyed. The sky wasn't blue anymore: smoke clogged the sunlight. There weren't any birds, no singing. There's the pond... he went back to sleep right in the same place? He started noticing that his hands were very warm. "I wanted a hug so badly that it burned my hands," he thought. His little body slumped down onto the ground, waiting for his mommy.

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